Sam Carvosso London, United Kingdom
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I am an artist working across sculpture, drawing, video, and installation with a research-led focus. My practice researches the creation and perception of landscape, with a particular interest in wild spaces. The work often references the collaboration between memory, the media (fictional and factual), on-site research and documentation, and their combined role in creating versions of reality.

When Wile E Coyote painted a tunnel on to a wall, he hoped the Roadrunner would crash and die. However to the Coyote’s surprise, the Roadrunner continues flawlessly in to the painting, unharmed.

The notion of creating place is at the forefront of my practice, particularly focusing on landscapes and wilderness.

My current research is enveloped in landscape and all the elusive experiences this comes with – fact or fiction. From this, work often references the collaboration between memory, nostalgia, and the media (Google images, films, tourist information websites) and their combined role in creating versions of reality. Can these fragments build an authentic model for place to exist?

Wild spaces have an incredible amount of digital coverage that has never been more readily available. Collections of similarly framed photographs without the presence of people, buildings, and other man made interventions show the pursuit for ‘virgin wilderness’ is still present. My practice attempts to recognise the ambiguous stance between reality and imagination, and the effect this has on the way we perceive these spaces.

The perception and creation of wilderness is a broad, on-going body of work ranging from human intervention to natural ecologies. I aim to understand the rich diversity in the way we perceive wilderness and it’s relationship with contemporary society.


LANDSLIDE, Installation, 2017


As Real As It Gets, Sculpture, 2017


Whistling Wind Through Cacti Spines, Sculpture, 2018


Where are all the bison?, Installation, 2019


Wilderness Loading Screens, Video, 2020


Things To Make When No One's Around, Sculpture, 2019


When Hiking, Sculpture, 2019-2020


Forest Findings, Installation, 2020


Projects and exhibitions


The Invitational I

13/12/2020 — 24/01/2021

I showed two wall works in the group show - Wildfire II and Cascade Canyon.

Unit 1 Gallery, London Details

Always Winter

04/12/2020 — 25/02/2021

I made a large drawing to provide context for the other works to sit, as well as 4 3D printed models. The work titled 'Forest Findings'.

Brooke Benington, London Details

Mantel, Monitor, Ledge

05/11/2020 — 12/11/2020

I showed 'Looking Forward To The Rain' in a three person group show. The work were two biodegradable 3D printed plants in a clay base and was shown outside on the galleries window ledge.

ADAM, London Details

Lucky Dip

01/03/2020 — 01/06/2020

I showed a model from the 'When Hiking' series.

AIR Gallery, Manchester Details

Out of the Wood

08/08/2019 — 30/08/2019

Each artist was given a silver birch log to make a piece of work from. I turned the log in to a sculpture that references a bushcraft technique to hang two pans over an open fire. I used any wood shaving to make bbq briquettes which are placed around the work.

Bleddfa Centre, Knighton Details
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