Shaeron Caton-Rose North Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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My art practice is a combination of traditional printmaking and installation using text, textiles, video, bookmaking, found objects and sound. My work explores the meanings and narratives behind assumed realities, both in terms of faith and other ideas about ‘how the world is’. I also work with the community to deliver exhibition and making projects.

I have been exhibiting and making art for over 20 years, working mainly in installation and printmaking. Recent work such as Amid 2017 Left Bank Leeds has combined both of these and my interest in spirituality. I often work with 'non-artists' as part of the making process and like to involve those who do not usually access art in the ideas behind my work. I am interested in finding faith in dark places, hope against all apparent realities and the joy that is found in a glimpse of wonder noticed from a speeding train. Journeying, questioning and human value are all part of my underlying themes, as well as a concern for ecology and for social justice.


shrive, oak cabinet. foil, ribbon, 2018


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