Gill Shreeve Northumberland, United Kingdom
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Gill graduated with distinction in 2018 after studying for a Master of Fine Art at Newcastle University gaining a prize for her work and research. She uses drawing, installation, photographs, moving image and sculpture to investigate our perception of space, light and movement. Gill's interested in how understanding of our surroundings is shaped by our sensing of movement, shift and transitioning.

'My work references the vitality, presence and energy of first hand experience that allows us to way-find and make sense of our external and internal landscapes. I'm interested in how we perceive and understand physical space and how movement may influence this. Ultimately, the act of sensing influences interpretation of our surroundings, shaping our ideas and decision making'.

Gill Shreeve's art newly evolving art practice explores visual and perceptual ambiguities occurring at the point where material and immaterial interact. During her MFA, and with a long standing interest in way-finding and geography, Gill created spatial experiments and installations triggered from observations while on her daily train journey between home and university. During this time she worked alongside the architecture department at Newcastle University on a collaborative project 'Engineering Experience'. Her work prompts curiosity and questions about how we see and sense.

Gill grew up in Devon, London and Yorkshire, a biographical transitioning. She relocated from SW Scotland in 2016 to study at Newcastle University and is now based in Northumberland.


MFA Newcastle University 2016 - 2018 (distinction) B.Ed Hons. with Geography, York St. John University 1978 - 1982


Hatton Prize 2018 Newcastle University


Other Spaces, acrylic, wood and Japanese Washi tape, 2018


Inside Out Outside In, acetate, correx, board, 2017


Reviewing, installation in blue & red, colour acetate sheets with cut apertures, 2018


Perception, Space, Light & Movement Experiments 1, digital photograph of cut paper apertures, acetate and movement, 2017


Shifting Vision, Shift 1, Shift 2, Photographs, 2017 - 2019


Previous projects


MFA Degree Show 2018

24/08/2018 to 08/09/2018

An exhibition of MFA first and second year students work. Each student put forward a proposal for an individual space or studio in which to develop work between 25 June and 24 August. The work was then presented a group show open to the public as well as assessed by fine art university staff.

Newcastle University, UK, Newcastle Upon Tyne Details

MFA Connect Newcastle University UK & Victoria University Canada

13/05/2018 to 30/06/2018

MFA Connect integrated the work of six Master of Fine Art postgraduate students from Victoria University Canada and six MFA students from Newcastle University UK. The group show travelled from the Audain Gallery in southwest Canada to the Ex Libris Gallery Newcastle University. Each group of students hosted a reception at the respective...

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Audain Gallery Victoria University Canada & Ex Libris Gallery Newcastle University UK, Victoria & Newcastle Upon Tyne Details


02/04/2018 to 08/04/2018

'Trainsitioning' was a solo show incorporating installation and moving image. The work was based on drawings from my observations from a train window of visual complexities created by movement and speed. During the 1950s, Richard Hamilton created a series of works from similar observations, on train journeys between London and Newcastle. he...

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Long Gallery Newcastle University, Newcastle Upon Tyne Details


21/02/2018 to 21/02/2017

A one night event of site specific works by Master of Fine Arts and Creative Arts students from Newcastle University. The works were created to respond directly to the Mining Institute building and history.

The Mining Institute, Newcastle Upon Tyne Details

'Engineering Experience'

31/01/2018 to 13/02/2018

An architecture, fine art and engineering collaborative project where groups of students created a both a short film and installation in response to another film work or scene. The intensive project culminated in a group presentation of works created.

Architecture Department Newcastle University, Newcastle Upon Tyne Details
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