Sam Hutchinson United Kingdom
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Sam Hutchinson (b. 1993, Sunderland) is an artist and photographer based in Leeds, UK, working with image-making, appropriation, sculpture and installation. Education includes School of the Damned class of 2017, and BA (Hons) Photography from Leeds Arts University.

Concerned with the processes of traditional and contemporary image-making, the use of found and appropriated materials and the recycled visual pollution that is subconsciously taken in through everyday commercialism- Hutchinson uses a mix of photography, sculpture, and performance. Highlighting and protesting potential failures and social phenomenons, and studing the use of authority, question are raised about inbuilt belief/learned behaviours within society. Questions are raised about the general understanding and application of current forms of readily-available image making technologies and how they blur the line between the everyday user of images, photographer, and artist.

Developing work around freedom of information and intellectual property within a capitalist society, humour and playful installation alongside printed publications are used to create accessible works that challenge elitism and raise a dialogue around the circulation of photographs and visual language. Specifically, how they are used to manipulate, mislead and shape opinion- with the illusion that the photographer solely documents/that photography is a document of reality. Institutional power is depicted within various forms of shape and form that mimics commercial paradigms in an attempt to display a tongue-in-cheek narrative around the mundane in an Orwellian influenced present day.

Several online features include Self Publish Be Happy, Paper Journal, Of The Afternoon and Intern Magazine. Selected published work through Village, Lugemik, Terra Firma Magazine, alongside several self-published books and collaborative works.


Installation of '(The) Anarchy of Aesthetic & Judgement', solo show at Assembly House Studios inaugu, 2014


I Used to Think You Were Normal, 2015


Selling Crass Tees to Upper Class Kids, 2017


People Cannot Spell & The World is Unfair, 2018

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