robert w stocker Cheshire, United Kingdom
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Autodidactic no art college or degree working artist for 50 years Early 70s exhibited work in Brighton and Edinburgh. Mid 70s Merseyside community artist, exhibiting artist early 80s community arts , Mid 80s Community design services arts training and education 128 trainees. Late 80s s Art consultancy 90s _present day painter and public artist, work in bronze, stone ,wood, GRP.

My work is based on natural form and light and has currently progressed into many applications with pigments that operate in different lights. the paintings changing under different light conditions. I tend to work with the mediums that suit the task so the I often combine painting with photographic or digital work this creates hybrid pieces. I often feel that in the creative process once committed we have no option but to pursue our vision whatever that may be. That the craft and practice in the work maybe the thing.not the work itself. It is that practice that always demands more and always creates new pathways . A journey that will only end at the end of consciousness. In this I think that we who are involved in this process are very lucky whatever the outcome of such work. The practice is the message whatever the medium.

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