Tony Moss Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom
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I graduated as a mature student with a BA(Hons) in Fine Art obtained at Nottingham University in 2014. Since that time I have been in the process of establishing myself as a professional artist. I exhibit at Art shows and have entered with success Open exhibitions. I have been fortunate in obtaining commissions and have undertaken two Residencies, one in the USA. I also do demonstration work.

My work mainly references architectural modernism and explores the use of space, form, light and colour via this medium. On the whole I express myself via acrylic paint on canvas or board. Drawing is an integral part of my process. Sometimes the image I produce is representative of a particular building or structure( as per the above which is an iconic Gas Station in Palm Springs CA) and on other occasions it is more generalised with more aesthetic properties. I have developed a fairly unique style of my own born out of a process that started at University and that I have continued to develop since.

Travel home and abroad serves very much as an inspiration for my work. In particular visits to the USA have been instrumental in shaping the direction my practice has taken. Most recently I was fortunate enough to be offered a Residency at The 18th Street Arts Centre in Santa Monica CA and was able to pursue my interest in LA and Desert Modern Architecture. Since returning I have gradually built a portfolio of work based on this theme of which the image above is an example.

I work out a studio at the rear of our garden at home. This year I will for the first time be part of the local Art Trail (ABCAT) which in turn is affiliated to Open Studios , Nottinghamshire.

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