Victoria Emily Sharples South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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I am an artist and researcher whose practice speculates on macroscopic and microscopic matter within the context of anthropocentric and ecocentric philosophy. I often work with people and non-human bodies across spatial, temporal and linguistic situ, facilitating international projects with artists, scientists and spiritual participants through courier, mail, and telecommunication technologies.

The works produced from this practice take the form of time-sensitive performances, video, photography, scores, artifacts and publications which record or account for the project though phonetic, numerical and audio-visual matter. These are often considered relics, sediments or fossils of the project and function as an archive or proposition for following and in-process work.

My PhD – imperceptible performance in lieu of the art-object, a practice-led, environmental research project – meditates on phenomena and post-humanist performativity and is guided in a marked way by New Materialism. Within this milieu, my practice is positioned relative to teleological, ecological and theological thought, specifically within Western science and South Asian spirituality. I regularly work with matter: paper, pulp, algae and water; minerals, sand, salt and ash, to pollutants, acids, solvents and soap.

Recent collaborations include aqueous analytical processes, such as Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry, and Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (destructive tests that quantifiably determine the material compositions of substances), to working with Dr Ramona Marasco at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia; Professor Alexander Tzetlin, Dr Anna Zhadan, Nickolay Usov, and Konstantin Biyagov at the White Sea Biological Station, the Russian Federation; Professor Ali Muzaffer Feyzioglu at Karadeniz Technical University, Turkey; Nick Hobbs, an artist based in Istanbul, Turkey; Yujin Ju, an artist based in Seoul, the Republic of Korea; Professor Lena Håkansson at the University Centre in Svalbard, Norway; Sagar Manandhar and Pratima Thakali, from the Kathmandu University School of Art and Design, Nepal; Anil Shahi a musician based in Kathmandu; and Lamas at Kopan Monastery and Khachoe Ghakyil Ling Nunnery. Through mail art projects, I have unofficially worked with participatory couriers at: DHL, Russian Post (Почта России), Turkish Post (PTT), EMS, Posten Norge, GPO, and the Royal Mail.


Triptych, Performance, Sculpture, Installation. , 2017.


Faux Naturel, Sculpture, Collage, Projection, Scores. , 2019


Aggregates , Performance, Happening, Photography , 2017


Ash, Performance, Paper, Mail Art. , 2018–2020.


Watercolour , 2017–2018


Projects and exhibitions



04/10/2018 — 07/10/2018

For GLOAMs exhibition at the Middlesbrough Art Weekender, artist Stu Burke and I collaborated on Orbit (2018). The Middlesbrough Art Weekender is a contemporary, grassroots festival in Middlesbrough Town centre. Organized by The Auxiliary Project Space and Paul Stewart, the festival transforms Middlesbrough Town Centre into a cultural hub,...

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Middlesbrough Art Weekender, Middlesbrough Details

Two Projects


An exhibition supported by Bloc Projects, Sheffield featuring Aggregates (2017) and Watercolour (2017–2018).

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