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    Contemporary Glass Society's Discovery Day at De Montfort University, Leicester

      De Montfort University  |    Symposium  |    29/04/2023  |    Contemporary Glass Society (CGS)

    The Contemporary Glass Society invites you to our first Discovery Day at De Montfort University, Leicester. Open to all. Come along to join inspired glass artists and listen to their fascinating stories. Meet and network with fellow makers and enthusiasts.

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    Reflecting On The Coast

      Artizan Gallery  |    Exhibition  |    07/03/2023 to 25/03/2023  |    Artizan Gallery

    An Intuitive Response

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    Sea And Oceans

      Artizan Gallery  |    Exhibition  |    07/03/2023 to 25/03/2023  |    Artizan Gallery

    Coastal Riches - A solo exhibition of 2 and 3D ceramics.

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    Fiona Campbell: Residency Exhibition

      Create@#8  |    Exhibition  |    20/03/2023 to 25/03/2023  |    Fiona Campbell

    Solo exhibition by Fiona Campbell, the culmination of a 3-week residency in a large empty shop space in Shepton Mallet, Somerset. Work relates to our natural world and its entanglements, developed as part of Fiona's Arts Council England Developing Your Creative Practice award. Transformed into a gallery, work comprises sculptural installations, drawings, collages, sketchbooks.

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    INKERWOVEN Print and Textile Project: Final Exhibition

      The Dyehouse Gallery, Bradford College  |    Exhibition  |    03/10/2022 to 31/03/2023  |    June Russell

    A creative collaboration between Inkers Printmakers and the Bradford College Textile Archive.

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    Cultivate presents Deflect - a maximalist group show

      On line via Organ magazine  |    Exhibition  |    12/01/2022 to 31/03/2023  |    Cultivate

    The 18th in an ongoing series of maximalist on-line group shows from London's Cultivate Gallery, Deflect features the carefully selected work of 43 participating artists from all over the land and indeed the globe

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    Northern Digital Storytelling Festival 2023

      online  |    Festival  |    20/03/2023 to 31/03/2023  |    Heather Niven

    We are excited to announce the upcoming Northern Digital Storytelling Festival (NDSF), a free online collaborative event that celebrates advancements in digital storytelling, taking place between March 20th and March 31st. Come join us at the synapse between art and technology and be inspired!

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      Ballroom Arts  |    Exhibition  |    29/03/2023 to 04/04/2023  |    Ballroom Arts

    Pop up shop

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    The Hope Exhibition

      Ballroom Arts  |    Exhibition  |    05/04/2023 to 11/04/2023  |    Ballroom Arts

    Jane is a mixed media artist with a special interest in the medium of collage, which conjures an image of her journey through life – a mosaic of experiences that have challenged and shaped who she is today.

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      Ballroom Arts  |    Art fair  |    06/04/2023 to 11/04/2023  |    Ballroom Arts

    Members Spring Art Exhibition

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    Lost Threads and Severed Ties

      Inverness Museum and Art Gallery  |    Exhibition  |    11/02/2023 to 15/04/2023  |    Mark Lomax

    Solo exhibition of wooden and metal quilts.

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      THE BREWERY TAP PROJECT SPACE, FOLKESTONE CREATIVE QUARTER, KENT, UK  |    Exhibition  |    10/04/2023 to 16/04/2023  |    Mr Paul David Chisholm LTD

    Mc Hope, The Brewery Tap Gallery & Project Space, Folkestone Arts Quarter, Kent, UK. 10th - 16th April 2023. Private View: Thursday 13th of April, 5pm - 10pm. Open Daily 10 am-5pm.

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      Ballroom Arts  |    Exhibition  |    12/04/2023 to 18/04/2023  |    Ballroom Arts

    LACRIMOSA - Xandria Noir

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      Ballroom Arts  |    Art fair  |    12/04/2023 to 18/04/2023  |    Ballroom Arts

    Moss Fuller (1937-2021) and Ron Fuller (1937-2017)

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      City Screen Picturehouse  |    Exhibition  |    19/03/2023 to 21/04/2023  |    Navigators Art

    A mixed media visual exhibition taking inspiration from dreams and visions, surrealism, and the mysteries and fantasies of the subconscious mind.

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