Fabrizio Paterlini - Piano Microstories Publication Open Call.

Deadline: 31/10/2019  |  Published: 06/08/2019  |  City: This will be an online publication between Italy and the East Midlands, U.K  |  Ravinder Surah

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Call for photographers and poets to respond to Fabrizio Paterlini's Microstories, an ongoing continuation of piano scores which Paterlini will subsequently produce into his new musical album under his record label ‘Fabrizio Paterlini Records’. I am working with the composer to create a publication which functions in harmony with the release of his upcoming album.

Fabrizio Paterlini - Piano Microstories Publication Open Call.

Internationally acclaimed Italian pianist and composer Fabrizio Paterlini creates melancholic musical compositions, predominantly working in the vernacular of Neo-classical or minimalism. His unique sounds are both visceral, emotive and indeed offer a complexity which is sometimes regarded as ethereal. With over 586,495 monthly listeners worldwide Paterlini has most recently performed musical scores in Russia, Germany, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands among a multitude of other locations.

Paterlini’s most recent project emphasizes the notion of the current moment stating, ‘How many emotions can you feel in one minute?’. This novel concept has led the composer to work on recording live piano scores for exactly one minute and then uploading them to Instagram. The interplay between live music and a social media audience has been used before by the composer in his recent album ‘Winter Stories’ where he played to a live audience via Instagram’s live module. Paterlini pushes this concept forward, asking his viewers to absorb themselves in his music for as little as one minute, in turn, we feel the seductive response of the visceral impact music can consume within us.

Microstories is an ongoing continuation of piano scores which Paterlini will subsequently produce into his new musical album under his record label ‘Fabrizio Paterlini Records’. 

I am working with the composer to create a publication that functions in harmony with the release of his upcoming album. The publication aims to be a multidisciplinary piece of art that combines photography and poetry in response to Paterlini’s one minute piano scores. We will accept newly created work and work which has already been created. We request that potential participants of this open call approach this idea with a considered creative attitude while listening to the music and being true to the emotive response it entices. Each piece of art must be considered in conjunction with the sensation of Paterlini’s Microstories music. 

The publication will be curated by Gemma Land and Ravinder Surah alongside Fabrizio Paterlini. We aim for the publication to be around 90 pages. Once the publication is complete a copy of the digital publication will be uploaded online, and each contributor will receive a copy of the digital file. There is also the potential for this publication to be rendered in a physical book format in the future.

Please choose a micro story at the following SoundCloud link and then respond to it by submitting to the open call. To learn more about Fabrizio Paterlini and listen to his music please visit one of the links below:

Website: https://www.fabriziopaterlini.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fpaterlini/

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/fabrizio-paterlini/sets/piano-microstories

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0jrFMgW018F1XVnLtCXOKi?autoplay=true&v=A

Deadline dates and publication information:

The deadline for submissions will be 31st October 2019.

Successful applicants will be notified by 10th November 2019.

The publication will be uploaded to our digital publication platform on 5th January 2020.

The publication link will then be sent out to successful applicants and go live on our digital platform the same day as it has been published on 5th January 2020.

Digital copies of the publication will be rendered as PDF files and be sent to successful applicants on 10th January 2020.

Submission details and uploading instructions:

Each contributor can submit both photographic and poetic content however, each contributor can submit only once to each of the categories. It is important to make sure your name, country of origin and website information are added to your submission if you do not have a website you are permitted to add one of your professional social media account links to the submission. Please make sure you follow uploading instructions and take consideration when you are submitting your work as open calls tend to have high submission volumes.

If you have any questions regarding this open call, please feel free to ask. 

Many Thanks,


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