Non fiction writing for The Abandoned Dreams Collective

Deadline: 30/01/2022  |  Published: 27/11/2021  |  City: N/A  |  Country: Singapore  |  Nirmitee Mehta

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The deadline for this opportunity has passed, and no more submissions are being accepted. Click here to have a look at other opportunities listed on CuratorSpace.

The Abandoned Dreams Collective is a newsletter about lives unlived, dreams only dreamt, realities unrealized.

Welcome to The Abandoned Dreams Collective!

We’re part newsletter, part indie zine, part mystical neverland.

Here, for a few moments each week, I want readers to forget everything else for a little while and allow themselves to be led into someone else’s life and feel intensely the same complicated blend of euphoria, regret and magic that the author did when they dreamt that dream.

I’m looking for non-fiction writing of 1500-1800 words. If you have something in another format that you feel strongly about, feel free to make your case for why it fits perfectly within this project and I’ll keep an open mind. I will be sending out an essay every week by email to subscribers.

Here’s what I’m looking for from the pieces:

I want it to read a little like you're spinning, like you're losing a little bit of control over reality and descending into this alternate world that you've conjured up. 

I want it to feel like a half forgotten dream you wake up from at 4:47 am, where you hold on to the ephemeral moments that you remember in snatches and flashes and try to slip back to them before they disappear into nothingness that never was. 

I want people reading it to feel seen and feel okay to sometimes want something so much you start living in the world where you've willed it to happen, your imagination acting as a fuzzy blanket lulling you to remain there.

If you have that, I hope you’ll consider submitting to us.


Contact the curator
Who is eligible for this opportunity?
All writers residing anywhere in the world
When is the deadline?
Jan 20th for now but the sooner the better. If you'd like an extension you can reach out directly and I'll see what I can do.
How many works can I submit?
Upto 3
When can I expect to hear back about my submission?
I will aim to get back to you within 6 weeks of your submission
When will it get published?
Essays will be published on the substack weekly on a rolling basis. The timeline for your piece will depend on the other pieces we've received
How much does it cost?
I do not believe in charging a reading fee.
Are there payments to artists?
I wish! I'm working on getting a grant to fund this but until I find something, I can't promise compensation
What publicity will be provided as part of the opportunity?
If your essay is accepted I will promote it on The Abandoned Dreams Collective's instagram page. I hope that writers too will share their work published on this platform and encourage their network to follow The Abandoned Dreams Collective
How do you choose the essays?
Check out the page on what I'm looking for. If you have that, you have a great chance of being chosen
What happens if my essay is chosen?
Once I've shortlisted your essay, I will send you an acceptance as well as edits, if any. Once we're both 100% happy with the piece, I will add it to our roster of essays scheduled for publishing

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