Queer Rocky Horror Fanzine

Deadline: 16/09/2018  |  Published: 05/08/2018  |  Region: Greater Manchester  |  Country: United Kingdom  |  George Grace Gibson

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Contributors wanted for a zine about queerness and Rocky Horror Picture Show.

For this zine I am looking for contributors to send mainly words about watching Rocky Horror in relation to your gender and sexuality; queerness. This film made me Feel Things. I am guessing it will have made other queers feel them too.

This isn't really a call out for super professional writing. Send me a couple of sentences about the first time you watched it, a diary entry that mentions it,,, text your mates ask what their favourite bit is, chat with yr girlfriend about the sexiest bit, or the most problematic bit. Or write a 1000 word Real Thing. It's up to you.

Any imagery (fancy dress shots, screenshots, drawings, graphics, anything) also along with text would be great -  I'm not sure how I'm working visuals into this but I'd love 2 see u dressed up as Frank N Furter anyway/. <3 


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Are there payments to artists?
Unfortunately no - won't make any profit out of this, will surely lose money as usual, will send u a free zine tho.

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