FUBAR, Atramental

Previous projects

  • FUBAR Exhibition

    Dates: 21/08/2019 — 27/08/2019  |  Venue: The Crypt Gallery  |  City: London

    The first exhibition curated by FUBAR Collective aimed to challenge norms & provide a platform for alternative artists. Forty artists were selected after responding to the theme of ‘FUBAR’ – F*cked Up Beyond All Recognition.

  • Coronapocalypse!

    Dates: 26/09/2020 — ongoing  |  Venue: ArtSteps Virtual Platform

    Coronapocalypse! is a virtual group exhibition curated & produced by FUBAR Collective, as a safe alternative to a physical exhibition during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. The show features the work of 30 artists, who created work in response to the situation we found ourselves in. The exhibition can be viewed here: www.artsteps.com/view/5f048b4ad151a73ad2371b73

  • FUBAR Magazine - Coronapocalypse!

    Dates: 26/09/2020 — ongoing

    The first edition of FUBAR Magazine, curated & produced by FUBAR Collective. This first edition is entitled 'Coronapocalypse!' & features the work of 30 artists, who responded to the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. This is available at https://fubarcollective.bigcartel.com

  • (In)visible

    Dates: 09/10/2018 — 14/10/2018  |  Venue: Espacio Gallery  |  City: London

    (In)visible exhibition took place to coincide with World Mental Health Day on 10 October. It saw the coming together of a group of international, emerging and accomplished artists who express life’s difficulties through artwork created as and for self-expression, communication and therapeutic release. This exhibition was curated by Amy Oliver and Jenni Bea who were brought together via Instagram and share similar work themes and motivations. Both use art as therapy for their own mental health conditions, as well as chronic pain and negative life experiences.?