Cooltsalon is a platform for ideas and creativity exchange in urban context, that originated in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2014 with a series of “1-week-only” site-specific exhibitions. Over the years, Cooltsalon’s mission has grown into giving exposure to individual voices hidden behind the collective city life . These opportunities were presented through a variety of events – from guided walks to meet local creative businesses to site-specific exhibitions with international artists.

Growing as a platform, Cooltsalon is about building a sustainable network of contacts and resources, accessible to anyone who has taken part in our various collaborative projects and events; creating a context in which ideas exchange can take place, comparing and contrasting one urban environment to another and how we operate within it.

On 12 May 2018 Cooltsalon launched its very first “physical asset” - the "Cooltzine" - a publication curated for international, visual dialogue between creative practitioners. The zine carries on the message of re-discovering the city, re-connecting to it and each other as urban dwellers, and is something tangible that can be collected, shared and referenced at any time.

Motivated by the international nature of Cooltsalon as a projects platform and the submitted photos and illustrations , the zine launch was conceived to defy geographical boundaries, by taking place simultaneously in 4 different cities – London, Berlin, Belgrade and Sofia. 

Partners for the project launch were Leyden Gallery (London), be’kech (Berlin), Kvaka 22 (Belgrade) and Cush.Bar (Sofia). Presenting works from Cooltzine #1 at the same time (synced local times) and taking turns to live stream videos from their premises, the four participating venues allowed audiences to be united on a local and international level.

After the one-day simultaneous exhibition event, a limited Cooltzine #1 print run was available from participating partner venues in London, Belgrade, Berlin and Sofia; copies available free of charge. In June 2018, Cooltzine #1 found its way to the Water Tower Art Residency results presentation event at “Place 167” ( Място 167 ) in Sofia. In July 2018, Cooltzine #1 was presented at the Tangible Books’ Indie Book & Zine Fair in Edinburgh.


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