kaye dunnings

SHANGRI-LA is Glastonbury Festivals most iconic late night area. 

Found tucked away in the farthest corner from the main stages, it has both inspired and challenged its vast and devoted audiences for the past decade. 

Through provocative art installations, underground music programming, spectacular set design and groundbreaking live art and performance, Shangri-La continues to push the boundaries of what a festival looks and feels like. 

Shangri-La strives to illuminate progressive culture with great urgency - in the field and beyond. By holding a mirror up to the masses, creating conversations, encouraging activism and engagement, and stimulating all of the senses, we aim to expand minds and open hearts, motivating people in politics and play. The audience enters a spectator, and leaves a participator.

This radical area has a deep history in outsider art and underground culture. By inviting new collaborators each year to contribute to our evolving narrative, it remains an incredible creative playground where this anarchic spirit continues to manifest in original and new ways, inspiring the next generation of cultural revolutionaries and amplifying the collective conscience. 


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