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Fish Factory Art Space was founded by Rose Hatcher in 2011, and this year celebrates 8 years of promoting, creating and staging arts projects both in the original venue on Falmouth Wharves, and the new venue in Penryn, Cornwall. 

When Rose, her family and friends first took on the dilapidated, near derelict building on Falmouth Wharves it seemed like a crazy idea, not just because of the condition but also because of the abandoned freezers full of rotten fish! It took a giant stretch of imagination to see beyond this to what it represents today. With little funding but with a strong will to succeed, Fish Factory Arts have always punched above their weight and expanded their collective organisational expertise year on year with projects numbering well into three figures.  

In February 2018 the Fish Factory became a Community Interest Company and moved to new, more accessible, premises in Penryn after raising £10,000 via Crowdfunding to help cover costs of rennovating and converting the space. With  artist studios and a large open gallery hosting national and international events and exhibitions the Fish Factory continues to play an important part in the development of arts, music and community within Cornwall.

From its very first exhibition, to the recent ‘Associated Territories’ with five female artists from Gdansk, Fish Factory Arts have progressively pushed the boundaries of artistic interpretation in the South West region of the UK.

The Fish Factory residency programme offers opportunities for artists to come and spend 2-4 weeks in our studios, with access to dark room and photo studio and runs as a rolling, year round programme.

We have opportunities for people wishing to volunteer in the arts and can accommodate most ideas within our wide remit of SUPPORTING LOCAL ARTISTS - particularly those working in contemporary art, experimental practice, and above all socially aware and charitable activities.


Fish Factory Art Space

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Previous projects

  • The Lone Kinsman: A History of the OTT

    Dates: 04/04/2018  |  Venue: The Fish Factory  |  City: Penryn

    The Lone Kinsmen: a history of the OTT is an archival exploration of a (possibly) fictitious cult that existed sometime in the past. The exact origins and timespan of the OTT are not known however in the short (or long) time that it was active a wide variety of costumes, ephemera, ritual objects and other paraphernalia were amassed by Hector Nit (founder of the OTT) and Champy Bennet. Thanks to Hector Nit, and in conjunction with artist and curator Lally MacBeth, this collection will be on show for one last time before being packaged away into archival boxes and acid free tissue. Do not miss this final opportunity to witness the inner workings of one of the oddest cults in history. The Lone Kinsmen: a history of the OTT was initially shown as part of Ancient Scent: Ireland, an exhibition that resulted from Ancient Scent collective’s residency in Ireland in April 2017. The residency followed in the footsteps of the artist, Ithell Colquhoun, and her book The Crying of the Wind: Ireland. The Ancient Scent spent just over a week exploring ancient sites, holy wells and bogs retiring in the evenings back to the infamous Ballycumber House.

  • Dystopiaoke - manifest a manifesto

    Dates: 30/03/2018  |  Venue: The Fish Factory  |  City: Penryn

    DYSTOPIAOKE Dystopiaoake; noun. a form of survival typically offered by bars and clubs in which people take in turns to stage unique representations of pre-recorded songs from popular culture. Dystopiaoke marks a halfway point in the on-going research by Dr. Lee McIntyre into the rationale for Karaoke Inclusion Theory, a theory that seeks to prove the art forms validation for the inclusion in the remit of Beaux Arts(fine art). The event will provide a platform to talk to explore the theory, a participatory performance and presentation of research materials. Or it wont and we'll all just sing and read the rationale for why Karaoke is Art.

  • Root to Rise- an exhibition with artist in residence Lily Waugh

    Dates: 01/03/2018 — 12/03/2018  |  Venue: The Fish Factory  |  City: Penryn

    Textiles hand woven in collaboration with Cornish land and weather An exhibition of hand woven textiles, tapestries and hand made looms made in meditation on the Cornish landscape and weather fronts. Lily Waugh is a hand weaver and multidisciplinary artist working and living in Penryn, Cornwall. Her work responds to and works with the colours and textures of Cornwall. She is also influenced by the ancient folklore, traditions and sacred sites across Cornwall, holding the ancestry in mind as she weaves her her way through her work.

  • WANK presents: An Introduction to feminist art histories

    Dates: 10/03/2018  |  Venue: The Fish Factory  |  City: Penryn

    An informal seminar about feminist art histories, lead by artist Delpha Hudson in celebration of International Women's Day. Delpha will unravel some feminist art bollocks in what we hope will be the first of a regular series of seminars on the subject at The Fish Factory. Join us from 3pm for afternoon tea and informal networking in our on- site cafe.

  • Weaving Witches and Women of Penryn

    Dates: 10/03/2018  |  Venue: The Fish Factory  |  City: Penryn

    A Kemeneth 2017 production, Weaving Witches and Women of Penryn makes connections between two lesser known characters of Penryn recent history and present-day local women who engage in creative practices within their local Penryn community. Violetta Thurstan was a weaver who spent the rest of her days in Penryn after setting up the 'Cornwall Guild of Weavers Spinners & Dyers' following her time as a nurse during WWI. Kate (the gull) Turner was a sea witch who sold wind to sailors from Penryn's pier. Local Penryn inhabitants weave their stories into their art, celebrating the past as well as present-day practices. Rachael Jones will be showing her new film featuring weaving by artist in residence Lily Waugh and performance by Katie Etheridge. Following the film there will be time for a Q&A before 'catching the wind' and settling down to 'high tea'.

  • Radical Music Evening 2

    Dates: 09/03/2018  |  Venue: The Fish Factory  |  City: Penryn

    A variety of lovely new music and reading to be shared at the Fish Factory including The Worm, Sam Sweeney, Hannah Levene, Nat Conway and Annie e.e.l Come along with open ears and minds and have them blown!

  • A thrown gauntlet

    Dates: 22/02/2018 — 26/02/2018  |  Venue: The Fish Factory  |  City: Penryn

    We are proud to present... Highlights from The Thrown Gauntlet Festival reworked in the Fish Factory Gallery... We have artworks by Ella Squirrell Barry Amey Alek Grzybek Maya Ronchetti Angel Baby Rose Iredale And films from Films Tony Friday Alex Styles Indré Makasyté