Theresa Easton

Theresa Easton is a printmaker and activist working with artist’s books, based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.   Printmaking and artist’s books provide a platform for Easton’s interpretation of social history and cultural commentary.  As an artist with a socially engaged practice, Easton enjoys a collaborative approach to making artwork and developing ideas alongside participants.  Community participation features as a driving force in her work.  One of the founders of the trade union, Artists’ Union England (AUE), Easton’s practice is steeped in her activist and community values.

Easton has worked as a Freelance Artist with BALTIC since 2008, working with the Learning & Engagement Team.  In 2012, Easton proposed celebrating the return of the Lindisfarne Gospels to the North East in 2013 with an artists’ book fair at BALTIC.  Subsequent successful book fairs have followed and are now part of BALTIC's annual program

The Sunderland Book Project is a collection of artist’s books made by over 70 international & national contributors. With over 60 books in the collection, each book forms a response to the city of Sunderland, celebrating its history, reflecting on family memories and showcasing its rich culture today.

Based at 36 Lime Street, in the Ouseburn Valley, Easton delivers regular print & bookmaking workshops from her studio.

Her social engagement practice takes her outside the studio working on projects such as an HLF funded Young Roots program in Hartlepool with Dot to Dot Active Arts, the Ouseburn Farm with HELIX Arts and Northumberland with the BAIT team.