I am Matt Witt, founder and editor of www.wakeupscreaming.com - an arts ezine released with the New Moon.

Each edition providing the editor and contributing artists with four week periods to explore and respond to themes relating to art and psychology, creativity and consciousness, waking up and approaching creativity as a means of self inquiry and a way to explore our beings. Recent edition have explored topics like, Numbers, Rest, Alchemy, Synchronicity, Trees and The Sun. We go for themes that encourage some inward looking and help us to consider how we releate to the external. 

We go for grand topics that remind us of both our significance and insignificance, help us to consider our place in the universe and in our communities, and explore how creativity can provide us meaning in the grand scheme of things. 

Wake up screaming is an open space designed for artists to respond honestly to interesting themes. We hope this act will help us nourish each other’s creative development and deepen the understanding of ourselves.

We hope you enjoy the show.

Matt Witt - www.wakeupscreaming.com