Benji Appleby-Tyler United Kingdom
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Explores ideas using a mix of approaches, including acrylic paints, installations and model making. Experiments with other processes to find the best way of resolving outcomes and improve the quality of the end result.

Benji’s studio practice is based on identifying the innermost thoughts and core beliefs that contribute to how a person may perceive and interpret the world around them.

Working mainly within the themes of childhood, religion, sexuality and personal identity, he creates thought provoking work based on personal experiences that still have a negative impact on self-acceptance and self-esteem during adult life. He develops his ideas by investigating and challenging these often restricting or limiting influences formed during childhood, with the view of moving forward in a more positive and progressive way.

His work is located in the queer/LGBT+ community and takes inspiration from a religious context and associated Christian iconography. He has portrayed gay saints within stained glass windows, created a wallpapered room divider based on Jehovah's Witness illustrations of Jesus’ baptism, and added decals of other biblical scenes to a chamber pot, wash jug and bowl set.

Scale plays an important role and whether customizing tiny dollhouse furniture or producing full size installations, he creates environments that are either oppressive and controlled, or liberating and uninhibited. The aim is to find a way of portraying these sensitive issues, whilst taking a sympathetic but questioning approach.


Transportable Exhibition, inkjet prints, decals on white tile, 1:12 scale items from dollhouse (including; washstand, jug, bowl, cupboard and room divider), wooden case with leather strap, 2020, open to offers


For sale

Self-Isolation Dollhouse, inkjet print wallpaper, 1:12 scale porcelain doll, 1:12 scale items from dollhouse (including; rocking chairs, desk, laptop, TV, bookshelf, bible, toilet rolls and cleaning products), wooden cabinet with glass door, 2020, open to offers


For sale
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