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  • 59_emma_harvey_why_6c.jpg

    Cultivate presents WHY?

      Hosted by Organ magazine  |    Exhibition  |    25/11/2020 to 28/02/2021  |    Cultivate

    Cultvate presents WHY? A carefully curated on-line group show featuring the art of 43 invited artists.

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  • recultivate_hangtaste2.jpg

    Cultivate presents ReCultivate - a maximalist art show

      On line via Organ magazine at  |    Exhibition  |    06/01/2021 to 06/01/2022  |    Cultivate

    ReCultivate will be another carefully curated maximalist group show, ReCultivate will be the 12th online show from Cultivate and we think the 160th Cultivate show since painters Sean Worrall and Emma Harvey started it all ten years ago. 35 artists and 174 pieces of art waiting to be explored, recultivate...

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  • Through the looking glass workshop.jpg

    Thought the Looking Glass - Online Workshop on self-portraiture

      online  |    Workshop  |    11/02/2021 to 18/03/2021  |    Silvia Gentili

    The purpose of this workshop is to develop a method through research, focus on goals, and technical and aesthetic choices that will allow creating a photographic project based on self-portraiture.

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  • The Portrait Within - square PLS USE THIS ONE.jpg

    The Portrait Within

      The House of Smalls  |    Exhibition  |    20/02/2021 to 21/03/2021  |    Amy Oliver

    The Portrait Within is The House of Smalls' second show, and first in House II, featuring 35 UK and international artists.

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  • C3-3_sairamir-inbank.JPG

    BANK JOB film preview

      Exhibition  |    26/02/2021  |    Optimistic Foundation

    What would happen if a group of artists played the financial system at it's own game- printing money & hacking into the debt market to buy and then blowing up £1.2m of high interest debt? Find out Friday 26 Feb at the second online preview screening of the new documentary feature film Bank Job.

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  • Sarah Woolf - Double Crisis.jpg

    No Jobs in the Arts Fringe Festival

      Festival  |    26/02/2021 to 27/02/2021  |    Charlie Collins

    No Jobs in the Arts Fringe is a free digital festival focused on ‘collaboration’ in the visual arts. We have lined up fourteen unique events: a variety of free talks, workshops, and creative events, aimed at and delivered by early-career creatives. We think collaboration is a key part of being creative, so we are making a digital space to encourage links between creatives.

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  • Beyond the boundaries poster.jpg

    Beyond the Boundaries - MA Fine Art Farnham / Interim Show online

      Exhibition  |    02/03/2021 to 21/03/2021  |    Robyn Jacobs

    The work in Beyond the Boundaries will be showcased through Instagram at @undetowprojects, an exciting new curatorial platform initiated by MA Fine Art artists, and at @mafineartucafarnham. A series of artist talks and workshops will be posted on Instagram Live TV through @undertowprojects. The zoom launch will be hosted by artist and lecturer Louise Ashcroft on Tuesday 2nd March from 3-4.30pm

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  • Walmsley_03  75933.jpg

    John Walmsley, documentary photographer, talks to the RPS about his work

      Talk  |    29/04/2021  |    John Walmsley

    See John Walmsley, documentary photographer, participate in a Zoom talk about his work at 6.15pm on Thursday 29th April.

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