Cold Porridge London, United Kingdom
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I capture the soul of working-class life through a Millennial perspective. Delving into capitalism, politics, and celebrity culture.

As Cold Porridge, I dive into today's headlines, turning them into collages, prints, and sculptures that capture working-class life with a Millennial twist. My art speaks volumes about capitalism, politics, and celebrity culture, blending these elements into vibrant visual stories.

I take the everyday stuff you read in the news and transform it into something you can touch and feel. Prints freeze moments in time, while sculptures come to life using bits and pieces that others might throw away.

Having exhibited my work in London and Leeds, and Sheffield I turn everyday news into touchable, relatable art. Prints capture moments frozen in time, and sculptures take shape from discarded fragments, creating tangible symbols of our shared experiences.

With humour and insight, I aim to create conversations about pressing topics. I aim for my work to serve as a platform for sparking meaningful dialogue and to challenge perceptions.


Dog Save The Quing, 2023


Did You Hear The One About The Sovereign Grant?, 2023


Tune, 2023


God Save The Kids Crown, Erasers, Glue, 2022


Take The Sickie, 2023


Foul - Mouthed Women #2, 2023


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