Gnomes For Your Homes West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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I love every gnome I make and put a lot of thought into their making. I make each one individually and work on it until it's finished before starting the next. I love doing the custom gnomes. They bring me such joy because I am trying to make an inspiration into an actualization. And it's so nice to collaborate with what other people are imagining and bringing it out in a hand felted gnome.

I create hand felted gnomes (or tomten) that would be perfect to sit on your shelf all year round. Each gnome is hand felted, inside and out, by me starting with a wool base. I add white or hand dyed locks for the beard before adding a flesh-coloured Merino nose and cheeks. Longer locks are added to make bushy, wild hair. The pièce de résistance is the tall hat that I felt using hand carded and blended mixed fibres (such as super soft merino, tussah silk, baby llama, Angelina (sparkly) fibres, and anything else I choose). Sometimes to finish off the piece, I add arms and feet. A wood disk is added to the bottom and voila, all done. Each gnome is inspired by colours and textures that I come across in my life. They are all very special.

I LOVE making custom orders. I must admit, that most people have a tomten inside waiting to be realised into a felted representation. I have managed to deliver a great many custom gnomes to customers willing to let me in their creative heads. It can be difficult to create a gnome from someone else's mind, but I constantly keep the customer updated on my progress with pictures and detailed communication. I will make as many gnomes as needed to design the perfect tomte for you.

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