Hayley Williams -Hindle Warwickshire, United Kingdom
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An activist for the celebration of human Neurodiversity (brain and behaviour trait difference), and inclusion in its widest sense. I am a multimedia artist currently exploring working with acrylic, drawing, light and VR work.

Hayley Williams-Hindle is a research-based interdisciplinary artist, writer, and coach with a particular focus on neurodiversity. She is interested in illuminating and exploring the cultural essence of neurodivergent lived experience and its communicative challenges. Her practice often holds in tension a celebration and elevation of the humanity and necessity of the neurodivergent mind-body, alongside a lament of its lived reality. Current work explores the nature of ‘spikey’ profiles of human cognitive ability; using additive colour theory and data art in installation; and evoking an unbounded worldview of neurodivergent possibility in community via still images and VR. Other strands of work examine somatic (body) memory, trauma, and the temporal and spatial reality of self within and beyond lifetimes.


Reach - series, acrylic and LED , 2020


Fascial exploration and connection, linen string , 2020


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