Jake-Andrew Nason London, United Kingdom
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I'm a multi disciplinary artist and experimental musician with synaesthesia, and my practice is centred around the way my mind perceives audio stimulus as colour, texture, shape and movement. My aim is to explore sensory perception and the emotional and physical response to the relationship that exists between colour and sound.

Working closely with music and sound, my work is created by translating my synaesthetic visualisation of sound into a tangible painting form, and by layering the synaesthetic colours, textures, tones and movements onto canvas. From these composition paintings, I manipulate the static final compositions digitally, creating cascading projected colour video and sound sequences that are mapped digitally to fit their surroundings, becoming audio-synchronous visual narratives, or a synthesised synaesthetic environment in which the viewer can explore or expand their own sensory perception. As a person with synaesthesia, my practice is based around an almost performative painting technique, where I immerse myself in sound and attempt to recreate the textures, tones and colours of the audio stimulus on canvas. Without space to create this work, my practice isn't able to be fully realised and almost mutes itself as I'm not able to fully move with the sound and follow its path. It's the documentation of an experience, not just a painting.

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