Kimi Marlowe North Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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I am an abstract expressionist mixed media artist based in North Yorkshire. After completing my foundation year at The Northern School of Art I went onto completing a degree in photography and worked as a photographer for 15 years. I always continued to paint and experiment with my creativity but in the last 2 years have really focused heavily in developing my practice.

My painting comes from within. It is highly personal and represents me, at that moment in time. It is a constant state of flux, growing and changing with me. I have always been highly interested in colour and what colours work best together and this plays a huge part in my process. I work with contrasting marks and textures as my aim is to draw the viewer in and around the work. By using difference and contrast it keeps our brains interested as we try to make sense of what the eye is seeing. This is what inspires me about working abstractly. I want to create a sense of ambiguity and intrigue and to pose more questions than answers. I want to stir emotion and for the viewer to never get bored. My work is often busy but then I will respond to this by purposefully creating space. I aim to convey and bring joy to the viewer but in doing so I need to contrast that with the feeling of uncertainly to create tension. Painting pretty pictures doesn’t interest me, I need to offset the colour with the tension by using off balance compositions and contrasting marks. I want my work to speak differently to each individual and for them to connect their own personal attachment to it. I often will use collage and text to add another layer and to make you think and wonder why. I want to create thought provoking insights into my subconscious mind.


Nothing can stop us now, mixed media, 2021, £220

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