Luisa Freitas West Midlands, United Kingdom
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My practice is one of storytelling through various mediums, some might be painting with subtle narrative elements, straight forward illustrations or short animations. Mostly, I search for the subtle narrative weaved within aesthetics.

My practice is one of storytelling through various mediums, some might be painting with subtle narrative elements, straight forward illustrations or short animations. Due to my classical arts background, my works present a strong sense of visual aesthetics paired with a conceptual point of view, placing the visuals in service of thought. Starting with a traditional drawing method as a basis for most of my works, I proceed to explore various mediums to bring them to life via the use of mixed media, amongst which digital tools, traditional process, various materials in an arts and crafts methodology and most recently 2D and 3D animation. I am passionate about exploring different colours and methods, via which I can push the boundaries of my practice and improve by trying new possibilities and solutions, introducing new perspectives onto my artworks, encouraging growth. Much like storytelling, Art is a conversation in its own right, so when working on a project my process stems from the question: "What do I want to talk about"? Through this question I can use by skills to best propose a topic to the audience, to be discussed or simply to be heard. Such, might derive from a personal experience, an idea or a social issue I believe needs to be .


'En Pointe', Coloured pencil on paper, 2023


'Hanging by a thread', Mixed media installation, 2023


“Pulling Bad Thoughts Out” , Soft pastel on paper, 2022


Nature Art Prints, Printed heavyweight paper artworks, 2021 - Ongoing


Trichotillomania Self-Portraits, Drawing on paper, 2020


'Trichotillomania Lockdown Calendar', Mixed media, 2020


'Child Homelessness' 3D Animation project, 3D Animation and Illustration, 2019


'Through the Scope' ebook, Mix of traditional with digital media, 2019


Portraits, 2016-2018, From 350€ to 780€



Projects and exhibitions


'Past Present and Future' Project Exhibition

10/02/2023 — 17/04/2023

The 'Past, Present and Future' artwork exhibition was funded by the 'Museums and Schools Programme' an initiative funded by Arts Council England that seeks to increase support for cultural education and highlight the importance of creativity in the lives of young people, via funding various art workshops and events with school groups in...

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Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, Coventry Details

'A Hope in Hell' Exhibition

01/02/2023 — 14/02/2023

'A Hope In Hell' exhibition was an exhibition curated by Jonny Nicholds and Lou griffiths, and featured the theme of finding a light of hope in hell (in difficult situations in life). This exhibition showcased works from various local artists in the form of paintings, sculptures , video and installation works.

My art piece was tiled...

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Litten Tree Showrooms, Coventry Details

'LTB Open' Exhibition

01/11/2022 — 20/11/2022

'LTB OPEN' Expo 2022 is an art exhibition showcasing a wide variety of local artist's work in an eclectic display. The Open is an invitation to the audience to enter the 'Litten Tree Showrooms' art gallery and see the cultural and artistic scene present in the city of Coventry.

My artwork submission was a 2D artwork titled “Pulling Bad...

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Litten Tree Showrooms, Coventry Details

'Coventry Banners' Exhibition

01/05/2022 — 11/09/2022

‘Coventry Banners’ is a collaborative community art installation inspired by the Turner Prize 2021 and the collaborative actions of Array Collective (Turner Prize 2021 winners), combining textile art pieces made by the citizens of Coventry reflecting personal messages and reflections on the world around them. I curated this exhibition...

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Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, Coventry Details

'Portraits @ LTB' Exhibition

29/04/2022 — 29/05/2022

‘Portraits @LTB’ was a live exhibition curated by Litten Tree Showrooms (LTB) and exhibited at the Litten Tree Pub. This exhibition explored the theme of Portraits and how to express all aspects of ourselves visually. My artworks were a series of 3 self-portraits titled ‘Trichotillomania Series’, about my struggle with this condition.

Litten Tree Showrooms, Coventry Details

"Shortwood Court Feast" 2D Animation

10/03/2022 — 07/05/2022

"Shortwood Court Feast" is a short 2D pop up animation based on interviews taken for the Shortwood Court’s ‘Feast Festival’ event. This project was created in partnership with Miss Ellie’s of Coventry and the Resonate Festival. This project was sponsored by Coventry City of Culture 2021 In this project we worked with the residents to...

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‘Feast Festival’, Coventry Details

'The Magic of Beans' 3D Animation

03/11/2021 — 05/12/2021

'The magic of Beans' is a 3D animation I created for a presentation on the many uses of the very important bean for the event “Exhi-Bean-Tion”, as part of the ‘Resonate Festival’. Combining 3D animation with interviews, with people providing information on this initiative as well as bean recipes. This project was created in partnership...

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‘Resonate Festival’, Coventry Details

New 'Welcome to Coventry' sign

01/01/2021 — 31/03/2022

The new ‘Welcome to Coventry’ sign is a collaborative community textile piece initiative created and curated by myself and my colleague Charis Kibble on behalf of Creative Giants, Avanti West Coast and Coventry City Council. This project was a commission to create a new sign for the new Coventry Railway Station building, for which we...

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Coventry Railway Station, Coventry Details

'In Memoriam' Exhibition

10/12/2020 — 26/02/2021

In December 2020 I took part in the ‘In Memoriam’ 2021 initiative curated by Artcore Gallery, where artists from the West Midlands region were invited to create postcard-size artworks related to the personal experiences with loss cause by the Covid-19 pandemic, as a way of bringing emotional relief, a sense of closure and also as a method...

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Online exhibiton and art auction Details

'Stay Connected' exhibition

15/11/2020 — 15/12/2020

In mid November 2020 I had the amazing opportunity to make a collaboration with Lois Emma Harkin for the online virtual exhibition initiative that she created titled “Stay Connected”, that is currently running from 15th of November to 15th of December. This exhibition is an extension of Harkin’s most recent project titled ‘How We Do...

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Online VR exhibition Details

'Obscurum' Exhibition

17/08/2020 — 31/08/2020

In August 2020 I had the incredible opportunity to join the Dark Collective on their online Art group exhibition titled “Obscurum” that ran from the 17th of August to 31st of August 2020. The Dark collective is a group of fine Arts artists who joined together in order to develop and produce global artistic initiatives, bringing together...

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'Obscurum' online exhibition Details

'Bruises' ebook

02/04/2020 — 29/06/2020

Illustration project commissioned by Auris Tech, for the illustration of the ebook “Bruises” by Penny Scott. This book is part of a series with many other books featured in their app Fonetti, an ipad application designed to aid children with literacy issues, focused on improving reading, enunciation and spelling.

As I had the joy of...

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AurisTech, London Details

'Seals on Land' ebook

09/01/2020 — 29/02/2020

Around January 2020 I was approached by the company Auris Tech for a commissioned illustration of the ebook “Seals on Land” by Karolina Ros Olafsdottir. Auris Tech is a company that specialises in voice recognition softwares, in the development and deployment of ASR (Adaptative Spectral Reconnaissance) and offer mass-market solutions...

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AurisTech, London Details

'Equitable Coffee' 2D Animation

16/08/2019 — 16/11/2019

This fun and educational 2D animation project was a commission by Tales from Coventry Tables for a presentation on equitable coffee farming, presented by the Zimbabwean coffee business Coffee by Kings with sponsorship from Coventry City of Culture 2021. This presentation took place during the Supper Club on the 16th of November 2019, an evening...

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Supper Club, Coventry Details

Live Art

10/08/2019 — 12/08/2012

Live art initiative entitled “14 (2x2)”, where fourteen artists where invited to take action and create art live to an audience for the duration of three days, in the gallery named "Cinco de Outubro" (Five of October) in Funchal, Madeira Island, Portugal. Afterwards, the works remained exhibited in the gallery for the duration of a...

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Galerias 5 de Outubro, Funchal, Portugal Details

'Satsumatra' Beer Can Design

01/06/2019 — 29/06/2019

In the early summer of 2019 I was approached by the Mashionistas Brewery, as part of the Coventry Artspace Arts Listings, for a commission to design their new beer can flavour that they’ve created in partnership with The Twisted Barrel Brewery. In celebration of another partnership and creation of a brand new flavour the Mashionistas and...

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The Twisted Barrel Brewery, Coventry Details

Spring Pop-Up Market


Spring sales fare at the Priory visitor centre at the heart of Coventry, aiming towards the sales of locally produced products for locals. My section covered the sales of art items, such as Prints, keychains, notebooks, sticker sheets and postcards.

Priory visitor Centre, Coventry Details

MA Exhibition

01/10/2018 — 20/10/2018

Exhibition of the MA works created during the course Illustration and animation, in Coventry University during the year 2018-19. My works consisted of a sample of two projects, firstly pages of an Ebook and second a 2D animation of sea creatures. The book was composed of illustrations done with watercolour then edited digitally and the...

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Drapers Bar, Coventry Details

Erasmus Exhibition

01/05/2016 — 31/05/2016

University group exhibition of the student's works produced during the Erasmus year abroad. The venue occurred in the Colégio dos Jesuitas (Jesuit college), in the city of Funchal, in Madeira, Portugal. My section of the exhibition was composed of a series of projects created during different modules, from live model drawing, to glass work...

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Colégio dos Jesuitas, Funchal Details
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