Martha Lamont London, United Kingdom
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I am a London based artist currently doing an MA in Fine Art at City and Guilds. I graduated from UAL in 2015 where I studied Technical Arts for film and theatre but have always been a fine artist at heart. My work has been an outlet for my internal dialogue and external experience throughout my life. Despite themes naturally shifting, depictions of the self have been a constant.

My new body of work explores the experience of feeling submerged and absorbed by an emotion, a memory or a thought in any capacity. I am exploring blurring the boundary between figure and environment to create environments that are metaphorical of a psychological state. My works aim to explore how having an overactive imagination can be a multifaceted experience for someone. An experience that can feel blissful and hopeful, yet also toxic and consuming. The use of portals and colour shifts are used to indicate a psychological passageway/transition into another mental state, a shift in perspective that we have a choice in changing , even if we initially feel like we don’t have that control.


The Haze, Ink on paper, 2022


Indulged, Ink on paper, 2022


Martha Lamont, Oil on canvas, 2022