Michael Palmer United Kingdom
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Having been a painter for many years, having had many different occupations and once being a gallery owner I try to capture the uncertainty of life in my paintings. Predominantly an oil painter I always strive to find the subtle or obscure aspect of an image, searching for its individuality.

I approach painting as a formal exercise, with a re-occurring theme exploring loss, vulnerability, and Isolation. Introducing us to the world seen through his own photographic archive and media coverage depicting the socio-economic history of our times. Personal and social fragilities combine with societies fractures, captured in a single moment, a sense of dilemma and tension identifies his work. The medium amplifies existing processes, it changes scale, perspective, and form. This approach helps to convey his own authority to the subject and by degree removes it from the original source material, whilst remaining present within it. MA Fine Art – University for the Creative Arts 2019 – 2020 BA (Hons) Fine Art – University for the Creative Arts, UK. 2016 – 2019

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