Benjamin Golding Staffordshire, United Kingdom
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Benjamin Golding is a Fine Art graduate of Loughborough University in the UK; living and working in Burton-on-Trent. His practice encompasses both watercolour and biro drawings, as well as large scale cardboard sculptures.

By utilising a combination of detailed lines, dense layers and evocative colours the artist aims to produce pieces which offer the audience a visual journey through the artwork. Representational of nothing, interpretable as anything; his creations provide a unique experience for all who view them.

However for Benjamin personally the pieces he creates act as visual diaries. Each shard placed or line drawn signifies a moment in time, simultaneously distinct and indivisible, a unique event in its own right but equally; just a fraction of a much larger narrative. Thus the artworks feel like photographs and in a larger way, like scrap books; monuments to the memories one can never remember.

The process holds the true vitality of the work as it is a reflection of how life is lived. Once the initial shard has been placed or the first splash of watercolour has been laid, there is no scripture or planning to the work, they evolve and grow in a reactionary way.


1000 Hours , Cardboard, Glue, 2015 - 2016


Vox Naturae, Cardboard, Glue, 2019


Morality I, Cardboard, Wood, Glue, 2019


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