Fio Adamson London, United Kingdom
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I am in my early seventies having studied art in the last twenty years. My interest in the natural world, the climate crisis and threats to biodiversity are reflected in the work that I make in a variety of materials. I like to inject humour and surprise into the work through changes in scale and contrasts of materials.

In the light of the climate emergency, I explore how humans can best recognise the significance of their connections, with each other, with animals, with growing things, and with the planet. Being aware of this planet-wide intimacy I investigate why humans might be angry at the state we are in, and want the viewer to recognise their emotions and discover the role of the artist in change.

I enjoy the haptic qualities of stuff, and contrasts between materials. I work with a wide range of these: hard and soft, natural and synthetic, and may also include found objects. Stitching and carving have both at times been important parts of my practice.

My work is mainly 3D using combinations of materials, contrasting the natural and the synthetic. I am interested in the environment, the climate crisis and threats to biodiversity and am currently fascinated by insects. I often use exaggerations of scale and contrasts of materials to add some humour to a piece.

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