Andy Farr United Kingdom
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Andy is an award-winning artist with a strong interest in mental health and well-being. His two most recent projects involved telling the stories of people's mental health through narrative paintings. He is a member of ArtCan a non-profit arts organisation that supports artists.

Andy describes himself as a storyteller. He likes the audience to wonder what may have happened, be happening or what might come to pass. Sometimes he starts with the elements of the narrative clearly mapped out in his mind, on other occasions the story develops iteratively. His work is a balancing act between the accidental and the envisaged. The result is a visual style, that incorporates layers and texture, and a creative process that embraces chance, whilst still having an underlying narrative.

Andy loves to work on canvasses that are already embedded with texture or colour, these might be found canvasses or un-primed canvas that has accreted marks in the studio. He then combines these serendipitous elements with imagery, often derived from photographs. He uses a variety of medium; oil, acrylic, graphite and collage if they can contribute to the storytelling.

Andy combines his personal work with socially relevant projects, often working with people to express their stories through his art. This can prove powerfully cathartic for the participants as well as moving for the wider audience.


Portrait of Isolation - Yellow Dress, Oil and Acrylic on canvas, 2020, £1600

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The Twisted Rose, Oil and Acrylic on Canvas, 2018, £2050

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The Response, Canvas, 2014


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