Bernadette Doolan Ireland
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Bernadette Doolan is an Irish artist living in Wexford Ireland. Her approach to painting and sculpture is to capture her subjects by depicting what emotions lay under the skin rather than what is visible to the eye, the raw psychological depth of spirit and soul that is hidden. Doolan is a self-taught artist. Doolan has won many awards and has exhibited in many countries including China, Nepal.

Bernadette explores the fragility of identity in the context of childhood through much of her recent work. Her figurative work is the depiction of the human self through exploration of strength and vulnerabilities. Her work has been described as having an ‘emotional weight with psychological intensity that is not necessarily representing the physical, but one’s internal voice.

Working through painting (Oils and Acrylic), sculpture and Installation art, she approaches topics of social conscience with sensitivity and respect, to explore the intangible notion of truth. Doolan acknowledges vulnerability whilst not apportioning blame. This is left to the relevant parties, as an artist her role is to bring awareness and allow the space for the individual to question.


All that's needed is the breath., Acrylic, 2019, €10,000


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Steadfast, oil, 2019


Interconnectedness, oil, 2019


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