Jon Clayton Cheshire, United Kingdom
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My art is about Places, they can be recognisable, detailed representational images but also, looser, abstract impressions, responses informed by connections present and in memory. Many of my paintings depict places of personal significance where I have spent time, often a lot of time. I particularly lo the landscape of Britain. The same small localities I continually returns to.

The core of Jon’s process is about responding to the landscape by drawing. He likes to go to places that have special meaning, where he feels a connection to the landscape. Jon makes many rapid sketches on paper, using a mixture of, but limited art media. His drawing may incorporate marks, washes and colours that represent objects or features in the landscape or movement as well as how he feels at the time. He tries not simply to frame what is immediately in front of him but to respond to what grabs his attention, be it near or far away or on the edges of peripheral vision all on the same or many pieces of (usually) paper. However…his practice is evolving and changing all the time. If on a walk Jon may stop and draw at different points along the way, creating a kind of story of the journey in the landscape. These drawing will often be collaged back at the studio - recomposing to create new works that give a feel of the landscape and the day - finding connections in the marks he has made. Sometimes this is enough and these re-compositions stay in sketchbooks but others are framed as fresh, energetic work in their own right. Jon refers to his drawing and recompositions or parts of them, for fresh larger artworks, - attempting to recall the marks and energy, as far as possible, as he builds layers, typically on cradled wood panel or canvas. At this stage, although he continues to use inks for their intensity and other mixed media such as charcoal and oil pastel he likes to use more acrylic paint and occasionally oils in thin coats and glazes.

Jon has undertaken a wide range of commissions and has recently begun showing work through gallery representation and exhibition.


Below the Crag, Collage and mixed media on wood panel, 2022, £495 (inc postage)

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Haunt of Rooks, collage and mixed media on wood panel, 2022, £495 (inc postage)

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Shift, Collage and mixed media o n wood panel, 2022


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