Jo Spencer Derbyshire, United Kingdom
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I am a picassiette mosaic artist working in and around Derbyshire. As an Integrated arts graduate I am interested in the juxtaposition of work and its environment and how placing can alter or affect meaning. A recent mosaic for Buxton Station gave viewers an insight into the plight of the rare Bilberry Bee and was positioned to lead the viewer on a journey to the bees habitat a short walk away

My mosaics take inspiration from the hills and dales that surround me and utilise vintage damaged and unwanted crockery - a process called ‘Picassiette” I hope, by using this technique, to reinvent the beauty of these items and preserve the designs, patterns and the stories of their life before they found me. Each placed piece acts like a brushstroke, and is carefully positioned to create depth, form and texture. At present my practise is moving more toward site specific pieces and work that aims to create awareness of both current environmental issues and the past histories of people and places.