Laura Molloy France
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I'm a painter and award-winning illustrator, educated in Glasgow and Oxford and now living between Scotland, England and France. My paintings and drawings are held in a number of private collections around the world. My illustrations have been commissioned by major brands and private clients. I'm proud to be a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, ArtCan and the Society of Scottish Artists.

I'm deeply interested in the dynamics of place and space including our experiences of the human relationships and digital and built environments that surround us.

I'm primarily a painter, working in oils on canvas, or oil paper. My paintings show how saturated, rich colour can be handled with sensitivity. Each painting is built up of many fine glazes over several weeks or months in order to create glowing colour in striking combinations, with moments of movement and stillness carefully balanced. I'm motivated by the natural world, travel, literature and ideas, the skies over Paris, my longing for social justice, the work of people I admire and the emotions of people I love.

Drawing is also a very important part of my practice, with most of my illustrations commissioned as lightfast ink linework carried out by fine nib or brush on archival-quality paper.

Photography and writing are supporting media that extend and feed into my paintings and drawings. I'm passionate about the artist community and my research writings investigate how artists' needs can and should be better met so that as many talented and committed individuals as possible can become and survive as artists.

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