Marsh & Moor Greater London, United Kingdom
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Textile artist and environmentalist, exploring ways in which art can contribute to healing for both humans and the planet. Fascinated by the soil, working with plants to extract colour and aiming to create a connection between growers, the potential of British soil for both fibre and pigment and artists.

Exploring the healing potential of art by working closely with nature in mindful and meditative ways. Coming from a background of DV which has had a huge impact on my life, I focus on releasing traumatic energy through creating art in nonviolent ways. For the past two years I have focused solely on extracting colour from plants using fully non-toxic methods and working with regeneratively farmed British fibres. My dream is to speak about a connection with nature through my work, the feeling of belonging to a greater whole than the human race through working closely with the soil, to explore the potential of building community through a full British based supply chain. While I have focused on textiles for the past two years, I am currently focusing on researching further methods of natural pigment extraction for different mediums and working with actual farmers to promote incorporating the growing of dye plants into their practise and hopefully facilitating a connection between growers and artists.


Horizon, 2022


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