Call for artists/sculptures - Gallery No.32 Winter Sculpture Park

Deadline: 16/01/2021  |  Published: 31/12/2020  |  Venue: Gallery No.32  |  City: Bexley, London  |  Region: London  |  Country: United Kingdom  |  Megan Stuart

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Gallery No.32 is inviting submissions of outdoor sculpture as part of our upcoming Winter Sculpture Park. The aim of the project is to change the routine. It is to tempt people out of their automatic plod and into the present moment. The Gallery is located in a small field in Bexley, SE London, alongside a busy public footpath – a path often chosen in repeated daily routines. Gallery No.32 creates a situation, a spectacle, taking people out of their daily walk and into the derive. The Winter Sculpture Park takes this further, as we are calling for sculpture to entice, captivate and engage.

Site information 

​The site is approximately 55m x 35m of grass. It is a bit uneven but fairly level. The field is an orchard, meaning there are fruit trees spaced at regular ~3m intervals (these can be seen at birds-eye view on our Call for Artists poster, and via Google Maps). Due to this, artists will have to take this spacing into consideration. 

​Access to the site is accessible from Manor Way and visits can be arranged by contacting either Megan, Kieran or the gallery on Instagram or via email. This route is limited to small HGVS. If there are any large-scale artworks or materials being brought, there is a separate access route that will allow for much larger and taller objects via the North Cray Road. 

​The ground is fairly soft after rain so can be dug into to secure any sculpture. However, during the colder months it tends to freeze up a bit and could be more difficult to dig into. If possible, we will try to acquire a ground drill for the installation weekend to help secure sculpture. Other options to secure artworks could involve the trees; all trees are safe to use as part of sculptures/supports/anchors, but we cannot take liability for any theft or damage of artworks on site throughout the duration of the show. 

The work of art 


​There are no boundaries for the concept of your submission. The Sculpture Park has no direct theme running through its collection as the overall aim is to engage. Consequently, our selections are leaning towards interactive and participatory sculpture and installation. This is not a firm brief however, please do still submit if your artwork is not intentionally or directly interactive. 


Firstly, we are currently offering each sculptor a maximum space of 3m2. This is likely to be intercepted with trees, which will have to be considered within the application. It is important that we retain this spacing to ensure sufficient distancing regulations can be adhered to during viewing. 

Secondly, Gallery No.32 cannot accept liability for any damage, loss or theft of artwork throughout its display. As the show will be permanently installed, day and night from opening (30.01.20) until the end of February, it is crucial that all sculptures are made as weatherproof and theft-proof as possible. This should be considered in the material choice, scale, stability, colour, installation requirements and security. Feel free to contact us to discuss installation and security needs/ideas.  


There are currently limits regarding electricity. We would not be able to provide a constant electrical hook-up throughout the whole duration of the Winter Sculpture Park. This is both due to safety, accessibility and financial cost. Alternatively, we suggest considering solar power if this is a required feature of your submission. 

During the opening party we will be able to provide an electrical hook-up, however we would like to keep the artwork at the same quality throughout the exhibition’s entirety. Therefore, we ask that you do not include this within your final submission. 


​The audience at the past solo exhibitions has been quite varied. As with the aim of the project, the Gallery’s day-to-day visitors are generally passers-by. However, our strong advertisement regime encourages visitors from wider areas. Gallery No.32 has recently been featured by multiple arts organisations, including feminist group Cherry Galz, and The Royal Drawing School. 

​We are planning a Covid-compliant opening party for the Winter Sculpture Park which will really open up the gallery to the public and bring people to the space. 

Budget – The 2-Way System 

​So far, Gallery No.32 has been a zero-expenditure project. Consequently, we have been able to retain the aim of a non-profit, non-expenditure project. Because of this, we do not charge for applications or use of the space, and in return we do not offer payment for participation. Gallery No.32 is a neutral zone.

Installation and Transfer 

​Installation and transfer will happen over the 2 weeks leading up to the opening party. We may be able to arrange pick-up within a certain vicinity and depending on size, but we will definitely be around to assist in any way we can. Please contact us with specific requirements and circumstances. 

​Submissions from outside of the UK will be accepted, however please be aware that we are unable to offer financial support for this at this time. On site construction is completely fine, and we will both be available to help with this where we can, whilst ensuring to abide by any governmental regulations that may be in place.


​As previously stated, we are unable to take liability for any loss, theft, or damage to artwork whilst it is installed at Gallery No.32 throughout the duration of the Winter Sculpture Park. 

Deadline for Submissions

​To allow for the effect of the third lockdown, we have postponed the deadline by a few weeks. The deadline for submissions is now 16th January 2021. The opening for the WSP will be held on Saturday 30th January 2021, with the aim of staying open for the entirety of February 2021, de-installed on Sunday 28th February 2021.

We have been absolutely loving the submissions so far and are really looking forward to receiving more! 

Lots of love and hugs, 

Meg and Kieran @ Gallery No.32 


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