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Deadline: 20/06/2021  |  Published: 04/06/2021  |  City: Norwich  |  Region: Norfolk  |  Country: United Kingdom  |  Stay Connected, Virtual Exhibition

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Curating Futures is an opportunity to work in collaboration with the curator, Shannon Skye Robinson, to join and build an online creative community. This is a participatory project where artists can connect with other creatives, share resources, advice and support one another. There are possibilities of exhibiting work in virtual exhibitions, taking part in artist Q&A's, takeovers, workshops and writing blog posts.

My name is Shannon Skye Robinson and I am a Curator, Designer, and Illustrator currently based in Norwich, UK. I am currently working on a project which I hope can bring people together and allow creatives to connect, collaborate and inspire one another through a digital creative platform.

Consumerist culture has taken over the art industry; these ideologies are forcing art to lose its cultural and societal value. The consumerist framework has brought about 'High Art', forcing well-known artists into the hands of the extremely powerful and extremely wealthy, creating an elitist artistic society.

'For art to serve its purpose- or rather, purposes- it must be radically situated within the life of a community and under the control of ordinary people...Art must be decentralised and democratised. There ought to be numerous creative activities performed by numerous individuals that seek, not for the artist to succeed in the capitalist culture industry, or to appear in a glossy art magazine, but for the artist and all those who gather around the creation and dissemination of artworks to add value to the shared experience of their community.' (Krause, 2011: 15)

I am creating a virtual art platform that focuses on sustainability, art, and culture. This platform will host virtual events/exhibitions, and blogs as well as inviting artists for interviews, takeovers, and workshops. The concept is to build a democratic creative community that meets regularly to make decisions, and tackle issues creatively and collaboratively. I believe creativity should be made available to everyone- whether you are an artist, work within the art industry, or just have a creative/ artistic hobby.

I will also be building a virtual exhibition as the first event to be launched on the platform. Inspired by the book Art As Politics (Krause, 2011), I will host an open call for artworks that celebrate the human connection to life and being a part of nature rather than apart from nature. New ideologies surrounding the arts would allow works to be valued on their cultural and societal value as opposed to monetary gain. These new frameworks could create a balanced ecosystem and society which work in unison to build a stronger, sustainable future.

The website will consist of 4 key areas: a social space, the blog, a resource hub, and the events space:

  •  The social space will allow people to share their work, behind the scenes content, collaboration opportunities, jobs, creative resources and more.
  •  Within the blog, I will write posts as well as allowing community members to write their own. Topics could include artist interviews, creative advice, design inspiration, exhibition reviews etc.
  •  The resource hub will allow people to browse links to relevant resources which may serve as inspiration for their work. E.g. links to eBooks, TED Talks, video workshops etc.
  •  Finally, the events area is where virtual exhibitions, workshops and artist talks will be posted.

Remember, if you join the collective this project is being created for you, and I will be working closely with the collective to ensure the platform suits the needs of the group.

Please remember just because you submit you may not be guaranteed to join the collective (limited spaces are available) however, I still would encourage everyone to apply as additional spaces may open up in the near future.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me and I will assist in any way I can.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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