Deadline: 24/02/2021  |  Published: 30/01/2021  |  Venue: NEW HAUS GALLERY & KORRERRAUM HAUS GALLERY  |  City: Due to Covid the works will be photographed in the gallery and presented on-line / Instagram and will be featured in Haus-a-rest Zine and platform  |  Country: United Kingdom  |  Jenna Fox

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N E W   H A U S   G A L L E R Y  & KOFFERRAUM HAUS GALLERY have joined forces with Haus-a-Rest arts platform & invite you to be part of a new exhibition experience.

OPEN CALL for Art ... In Celebration of Women's month                                                      

It is celebrated every March to coincide with International Women's Day on March 8. ...  and commemorates the history of women's impact in the world and to raise awareness of issues women are facing worldwide, International Women's Day was established to commemorate the movement for women's rights.

We are seeking work that celebrates women - made by all genders. Be it sculpture, print, painting, drawing or digitial.

The new and exciting thing about these exhibition spaces is that both galleries are MICRO galleries.

This means your work needs to be scaled down, but it also means you can experiment and be more adventurous with your ideas.

Specific sizes and instructions are below. Ideally, we would like to see micro versions of your physical work and photos of the life-size and the micro gallery sized work.

To see the gallery spaces please refer to the Instagram pages:





Go to the tab for Exhibitions for photos and videos of the spaces.

There is no fee to submit.  But if you are selected, then you may be asked to pay £10 UK for return postage of your work, and a pro-rata fee for international entries to cover return postage.

Once the works have been received we will notify you when the show will go live. Both shows will be promoted across our platforms.

N E W   H A U S   G A L L E R Y

This gallery is based on white cube gallery spaces: high wooden ceilings; grey floors and white walls.

There are three gallery spaces 1:12 size and six wall spaces.

2D work, print, painting, and photography.

2 spaces x no bigger than 15cm x 10cm, can be vertical or horizontal.

4 spaces x 11cm x 11cm.

3D work – Sculpture & Installations.

2 spaces x 15 x 20 x 15cm height.

1 spaces x 15 x 10 x 15 cm height.


This gallery space is based on an industrial set up, and is larger than a usual micro space, with brick and plaster paint walls, that are high and wide.

There are two main spaces connected by a large arched open doorway.

One floor is grey, one is wood with plaster paint walls. Both rooms have a wall hanging system and a central hanging system.

Room one

Floor space 42cm x 46cm.

Two main walls are 45cm x 28cm.

Room two

Floor space 42cm x 46cm.

Three wall spaces 46cm x 28cm.

Both spaces also have smaller sidewalls available.

Delivery and insurance:

2D work can be posted to the gallery please include a Self-Addressed hard backed envelope If you wish your work to be returned to you.

Please pack 3D pieces well. If you wish your work returned to you, we will ask for a £10 fee to cover return post for UK entries (international entries will be charged pro-rata for the postage and administration).

Insurance for all the works during transit, exhibition duration, and return delivery must be covered by the artist.

What you need to submit for the open call:

1) A good quality image of your work, and which gallery you are applying to.

2) Three lines of text to explain your concept why you made the piece and any obstacles you had to overcome.

3) Dimensions of your work. H. W and L in cm.

4) Your Instagram name so we can tag you.

Information we need for the exhibitions:

1) Do you want your work returned Y / N?

2) If Y then do you accept the £10 UK charge and TBC international charge for the return of your work?

3) Please confirm you will be responsible for insurance for your work (transit and duration of the show) Y / N?

4) Do you wish to join our mailing list Y/N? & email contact

Your work will not be accepted if you do not provide all of the requested items. If accepted your work will be featured in the Zine, and all our social media channels for a least one month, and very likely for several.

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Twitter: @Haus_a_rest


Contact the curator
When is the deadline?
How many works can I submit?
Up to three but one form per submission. We will only select one entry per artist if you are selected.
How much does it cost?
Free to submit, but there will be a fee to return any 3d works. If you submit 2d works then please provide a stamped addressed , hard backed envelope. You need to insure your works for the transit, both ways and during the show. If selected you will be asked to pay before we can finally accept your work.
What publicity will be provided as part of the opportunity?
Social media, linked in, FB, instagram, Twitter via our mailing list.
What are the selection criteria?
You must complete all four sections.
1) A good quality image of your work. (please check and do not send thumb nail images)
2) Three lines of text to explain your concept, why you made the piece and any obstacles you had to overcome.
3) Your Instagram name so we can tag you.
4) Do you want to join our mailing list? Y / N

Your work will not be accepted if you do not provide all of the requested items.

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