Open Call Issue 03: Touch

Deadline: 30/06/2020  |  Published: 06/03/2020  |  Megan Garry-Evans

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Lemon Curd is an online platform that creates a space for thoughts and gestures to exist, grow and evolve. We are now inviting submissions to the theme 'touch'.

We can feel a grain of sand between our fingers, wet raindrops on our face, and the hard pavement as we walk. We're not always aware of it but our sense of touch helps us to complete most tasks and it's difficult to imagine life without it. Skin covers our whole body with thousands of polymodal receptors which puts us in direct contact with the world. It grows intimacy between each other and the outside, solidifying our surroundings. 

Touch and emotions are intrinsically woven together. Different sensations of touch form a crucial part of our communication, sculpting our human experience. Touch binds us together to build trust and empathy, without it we can feel lonely and detached.

How does it feel when you embrace someone, feel the food you cook with, feel water over your body, the fur of an animal, when you can't touch something, can you feel the softness of a dusty pink color, or feel someone's gaze?

For this issue we would like you to explore the sense of touch.

Some things you may want to explore…

  • Touch as communication i.e relationships
  • Interspecies touch
  • Extension vs limitation of touch
  • Politics of touch in institutional contexts (i.e. galleries, museums)
  • Tactility of cultures
  • Sensuality of touch
  • Practicalities of touch
  • Touch and technology
  • Science of touch
  • Textures
  • Touch and movement
  • Interaction between mind and body

This is not an exhaustible list…

Submission formats?

  • Essays
  • Poetry
  • Fiction
  • Visual art
  • Photography
  • Video essay
  • Video art
  • Mix
  • Podcast
  • Apply to takeover our instagram account 

Submission guidelines

  • Please provide a short paragraph explaining the work’s intent and how it relates to the theme (200 words max)

  • Submission formats: Up to 5 still images, 1 short video clip (5 minutes max. duration), 1500 words max for written piece or for an instagram takeover up to 5 post ideas.

Work does not have to be unpublished. But let us know if it has been published elsewhere so that we can give appropriate credit.

Submission deadline: 30th June 2020.

You can visit our website here.


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