Performance And Self-portrayal -- a dialog and publication

Deadline: 28/04/2023

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We are seeking artists and photographers to join a dialogue and survey publication exploring the intersection of performance to camera and photographic self-portraiture. We are interested in artists who work in both fields, as well as those who specialize in one or the other, to participate in a conversation that will explore the overlaps and tensions between these two disciplines. Through this dialogue, we hope to uncover the unique qualities of each form of expression and to better understand how they can inform and enrich each other.

Whether you are a performance artist interested in exploring photographic self-portraiture or a photographer looking to incorporate elements of performance into your work, we invite you to join us in this exploration. The resulting publication will be a comprehensive survey of the current state of artistic research in this boundary area, highlighting conflicts of process and changes of practice.

We hope that paricipants will find interest in, and bring experience to bear in the following areas

  • Use of the body: Both performance to camera and photographic self-portraiture involve using the body as the subject of the work. Whether through movement, gesture, facial expression, or other means, the body is often central to the artistic expression in both practices.
  • Self-representation: Both performance to camera and photographic self-portraiture involve self-representation. In performance to camera, the performer is often portraying themselves in some way, while in photographic self-portraiture, the artist is creating an image of themselves. Both practices offer opportunities to explore identity and self-expression.
  • Relationship to the camera: Both practices involve a relationship to the camera. In performance to camera, the camera is often used as a tool for recording or broadcasting the performance, while in photographic self-portraiture, the camera is used to create the image. In both cases, the camera can be seen as an extension of the artist's body or as an object of manipulation.
  • The performative aspect: Both performance to camera and photographic self-portraiture involve a performative aspect. In performance to camera, the performer is creating a live or recorded performance, while in photographic self-portraiture, the artist is often creating a posed or staged image. Both practices involve an element of performance or staging.
  • Overall, performance to camera and photographic self-portraiture share several areas of overlap, particularly in their use of the body, self-representation, relationship to the camera, and the performative aspect. These similarities suggest that there is potential for artists working in both practices to learn from and inform each other's work.

As this opportunity has attracted world-wide interest the disemination of results will be in printed book form. We have arranged with the publisher for a FREE copy of the book to be sent to all featured participants.


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Who is eligible for this opportunity?
We welcome diversity in all its forms and believe that this project offers a unique opportunity to collaborate with others and to expand your creative horizons. Whether you're interested in exploring new approaches to performance art, experimenting with self-portraiture, or simply sharing your work with others, we encourage you to apply.
When is the deadline?
28 April 2023
How much does it cost?
There is no charge
Are there payments to artists?
There are no cash payments to artists. A free copy of the printed book will be mailed free of charge to each selected artist anywhere in the world. All project and production costs are being absorbed by FoscoFornio.
Who are FoscoFornio
FoscoFornio, a not-for-profit imprint are a specialist publisher of contemporary results in Arts research.
How many images may I submit?
ONE only, max 4Mb

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