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Deadline: 24/02/2019  |  Published: 24/01/2019  |  City: London  |  Region: London  |  Country: United Kingdom  |  Qanitah Malik

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SOLO, a not for profit group of artists, actively helping each other to succeed in their individual efforts and improve their careers, is offering a promotional opportunity. We are creating a showcase magazine and inviting artists to submit their work for entry. This magazine format is targeted directly at galleries, the design of which, places each artist foremost, in its presentation. We aim to publish quarterly and we select recipients (galleries) as carefully as we select artists. This first edition will be London based, and only 100 galleries will receive the magazine. We constantly strive to widen our community and include artists from a wide range of backgrounds, working in a vast array of media whether traditional or contemporary. The SOLO magazine serves to provide a voice to our network and highlight individual art practices to galleries, institutions, and eventually, to the general public. Initially, the magazine will be designed, printed and circulated physically, and eventually, will be expanded to have a digital and online presence.

An Art Magazine, size A4, printed in full colour on high-quality paper, distributed to 100 London based galleries. We are looking for artists to join us in this first SOLO showcase magazine and we ask you to submit your work for consideration.

Each participating artist will receive a list of the recipient galleries. Each page of the magazine may include: a maximum of 2 images of artworks. Each page will also provide the name of the artist, title of the artworks, medium, and size. Contact details, artist statement, and portrait, will be on another page. Submission is free but for those artists accepted, the cost will be £40 per page, maximum 2 pages per artist. This will cover the costs of printing the magazine, posting it to 100 galleries and 1 copy given to each participating artist. Further copies can be supplied on request.

Submission guidelines: 

It is important to state that we are open to all forms of art. 

At this stage, please submit up to 4 jpgs maximum 1 MB each if you are applying for 1 page and up to 6 jpgs if you are applying for 2 pages. Please indicate in the Additional Infromation section of the Application Form whether you are applying for 1 or 2 pages. Guidelines for the publication will be provided if your work is selected. 

Your artist statement: this can be any length for submission, but will need to be limited to 700 characters (approx. 130 words) for publication. We do not require a portrait at this stage, only when and if you are selected. 

Submission fees: 

There is no submission fee, but if chosen, there will be a charge of £40 for 1 page or £80 for 2 pages.

Copyright & Artist’s independence: 

You will own the copyright of each image. There will a disclaimer at the back of the magazine that no image may be used or reproduced in any way without your written permission. The magazine’s format will be the copyright of SOLO We, the publishers, may wish to use some images on social media for SOLO's promotional purposes.

SOLO will not have any involvement in any potential future ongoing relationship that may develop between an artist and gallery due to the circulation of the publication. 

About SOLO: 

Individual, but not alone in our efforts to bring our work to an audience. 
Together, but not collectively working together. 

We formed SOLO, so as individual artists, we can help each other promote, support, inspire, network, and make our careers more meaningful, purposeful and progressive – to succeed in our efforts in everything other than the effort of creativity. Everything SOLO does promotes the individual. Our activities are focused on how to reach an audience for artists. Our aim is to organise, invent, and build various platforms to showcase as many artists as we can. Up to now, we have organised 3 exhibitions and our 4th is underway. We are selective in our processes, but at our core, we are democratic. The direction we take will be for the benefit of each participating artist. We are a not-for-profit group.

Please feel free to pass on these details to other artists you know. 

We look forward to receiving your submission. 



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Who is eligible for this opportunity?
This opportunity is for all artists wishing to be part of a magazine, and a community at large, to showcase their work to galleries in London. SOLO does not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, sex, race, ethnicity, nationality, class, or occupation.
How many works can I submit?
Please submit up to 4 jpgs maximum 1 MB each if you are applying for 1 page and up to 6 jpgs if you are applying for 2 pages.
How much does it cost?
There will be a submission charge of £40 for 1 page or £80 for 2 pages.
Are there payments to artists?
No. This is a not for profit activity.
What publicity will be provided as part of the opportunity?
SOLO will be publicising and promoting artists' work on its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles.
How do you decide on proposals?
SOLO consists of a panel of 5 people who will be democratically taking part in the selection process.
What happens if my proposal is chosen?
If chosen, you will be notified via email and then given further instructions on any additional material we might need.
What are the selection criteria?
SOLO is looking for good quality, committed art that is true to its purpose.

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