Deadline: 31/01/2022  |  Published: 30/12/2021  |  Unplanned Magazine

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Unplanned (issue #0) is the inaugural issue of a printed magazine dedicated to the invisible work process developed from different interactions performed during the artistic creation process — between the studio (or home) and fieldwork; between the built city and the surrounding spaces, abandoned buildings, vacant land, or spontaneous landscapes; between the successes, difficulties, progresses and setbacks of the artistic process; between the unexpected directions arising from collective discussions and/or different articulations and collaborations between disciplinary fields; between restrictions and imagination; etc.

In this inaugural issue, we ask you to reflect on the very idea of "unplanned" or "unexpected" resulting from these and other possible situations and confrontations. It is intended to create clusters of interests, relationships, or unlikely associations as the proposals arrive. Taking artistic creation as a starting point, we are looking for its intersections and overlaps with a great diversity of interests such as urban ecology; natural sciences; climate crisis; critical cartography; geology; geography; cultural studies; gender studies; material culture; along with others.

We are particularly interested in the invisible and so many times messy component of work processes. We suggest a special focus on incomplete or ongoing projects, their material experimentations, notation processes, mapping, drawings, diagraming approaches, and so on.

We are accepting submissions in the following formats:

Written texts (500 to 2500 words) that reflect on work processes based on the proposed topics or others suggested by the authors. For this submission, please send us an abstract (300-500 words and 2-3 selected low resolution images);

Visual essays on incomplete or ongoing projects or visual fieldnotes (5 to 10 images; 500 to 1000 words) with a special focus on work processes and on the articulation between the studio and fieldwork. For this submission, please send us a detailed description and some low-resolution images of what you intend to submit and how they are related to this open call, along with information on the expected number of images to deliver for the final submission.

All submissions are FREE OF CHARGE. Submissions and expressions of interest should be sent to UnPlanned magazine. Deadline for submissions: January 31, 2022. 

Please read the guidelines carefully before choosing the submission format and tell us the argument to be explored and how it relates to this open call.  

Dates and information:

>January 31, 2022 — submission of proposals;

>February 28, 2022 — selection of proposals; reply to authors; discussion of the final selected projects with the authors;

>March 31, 2022 — submission of the final works.

Expected publication date — April to June 2022.

Unplanned magazine — https://unplannedmagazine.com


Contact the curator
When is the deadline?
Deadline for submissions is January 31, 2022.
How many works can I submit?
There is no submission limit, but in case of selection for publication, only one work will be selected per participant.
When is the delivery date?
March 31, 2022 — submission of the final works.
How much does it cost?
All submissions are free of charge.
Are there payments to artists?
How do you decide on proposals?
All works will be reviewed and selected by an invited editorial board.

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