Public Offerings ltd.

Public Offerings Ltd. is a photographic arts agency, launched by photography curator Ellen Stone, to represent artists that are traditionally under-represented by the blue-chip gallery system - with a particular focus on women and LGBTQIA+ artists.

Since launching in 2019, Public Offerings Ltd. has dedicated their time to bring together artists and audiences from across different backgrounds. Understanding that compassionate consumption, showcasing pieces from early career, female, and LGBTQIA+ artists, is becoming a priority for younger art enthusiasts. Our aim is to increase the visibility of artists, and give them the chance to compete early on in their careers, as this is the key for improving representation across the art market of the future.

We're available to assist with bringing diverse contemporary photography tp galleries, online sales spaces and public spaces. We are on hand to  assist with programming of art fairs, exhibitions, curating, project management, sales management, financial reporting, marketing, events, publications management, and communications. Our artist, production, art fair, collector, museum and publisher network is international and highly engaged with photography and events. And we are am as comfortable talking technically with a photographic studio, as commissioning events and artworks, or liaising with high net-worth individuals and mega-collectors. 

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Public Offerings ltd.