Scott Creative Arts Foundation

The Scott Creative Arts Foundation is an arts charity based just outside the beautiful market town of Thirsk, North Yorkshire. Our foundation holds an Annual Award for Emerging Artists in the Yorkshire Region as well as loaning works to hospitals and hospices. The foundation provides a peaceful place for our Emerging Artists to work from and also to help create a sense of community for those who would like to share ideas and thoughts.

The Foundation has recently opened The Art House @ SCAF which houses over 1200 art works, diaries, artefacts and books left to the foundation by the late Michael and Eileen Scott.

The Foundation's Statement

Founded by Sue Armstrong in 2016, the Scott Creative Arts Foundation was started with three distinct aims at its core:

1. To preserve, collate and present to the wider general public, the life work of Michael and Eileen Scott

2. To encourage and support emerging artists of all ages, ethnicity and background in their creative development

3. To explore the relationship between human consciousness and creativity

Having been friends and colleagues with the Scott’s for over 15 years, Sue worked with Michael Scott throughout the last year of his life to produce a clear vision for the future of SCAF.  Michael and Eileen’s legacy is so much more than a collection of paintings and words: it is a journey of discovery and growth for anyone who has ever been interested in human creativity.

Our Future

Our aspiration is to create a purpose-built centre of excellence to reflect the creative ambition of our benefactors and supporters in using art as a vehicle to inspire creative thinking and artistic collaboration within the community.


Scott Creative Arts Foundation

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