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As an artist-led community, our greatest passion is combining activism with contemporary art. We strive to empower the voices of international creatives that have been personally impacted by environmental, political and social issues.

At ARTISTS RESPONDING TO... we continue to nurture a safe space for activism, and our projects have the power to educate others about authentic experiences, world happenings and movements.

Artistic expression can help us to realise and reveal flaws in our society, whilst allowing us to reinvent ways of living and imagine a future without those flaws. This belief is the driving force that leads our initiative. 

Our quarterly Magazine ignites important conversations about paramount news and world happenings through the eyes of international artists, creatives and writers.

At A.R.T. we create an accessible platform for artists to share their work with passionate audiences, with the hopes to inspire change for a safer future. 


Artists Responding To...

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  • ARTISTS RESPONDING TO... QUARTERLY MAGAZINE - Contemporary art, culture and activism

    Deadline: 28/06/2024

    City: London  |  Country: United Kingdom  |  Artists Responding To...

    ARTISTS RESPONDING TO ... Magazine is a digital and printed publication which uses creative depictions or literature to highlight current world issues, news and movements that aren't getting the attention that they deserve. A political and environmental platform to help ignite conversations and spread awareness through visual and written poetic responses.

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