Happenstance Art Gallery

Happenstance Art Gallery was started as an anwser to the high fees charged to artists.  We believe in excellence, and to keep the drive, artists need an income to support their creativity.  We do this with the help of the SCARCO* foundation, which helps keep the overheads very low.

We charge the smallest commission on the market of 22%, artprizes from £6 for 6 works and a open call flat fee of £5 up to 6 works. 

The average is 50-60% commission, artprizes £34 per work and Open Calls having £60 submission and £380 per square metre.

We believe in creativity and the positive effect it has.

Please consider viewing SCARCO foundation's website and provide your support.

David Darcy

Head Curator of Happenstance Art Gallery

Happenstance Art Gallery