CuratorSpace Bursaries

During the COVID-19 panedemic we have increased the number of available bursaries offered by CuratorSpace to six £250 bursaries. These are aimed at supporting any R&D or continuing work on projects which can be done in isolation. Applications for this next round of bursaries will be open on the 1st May 2020.

Note that bursaries are only available to artists with a CuratorSpace Artist or Artist Plus subscription. If artists are applying as a partnership or collective, then at least one of them should have an Artist or Artist Plus subscription.

To subscribe go to and click the Subscribe button underneath the Artist or Artist Plus sections.

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Other opportunities

We have dozens of opportunities for artists at all stages of their careers in all sorts of media. You can browse these at any time through CuratorSpace without needing to register (though you will need to register if you are making a submission).

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Previous winners

Applicants can apply as many times as they like, but previous winners are not eligible to apply for 12 months after their award, ie. artists selected in July can apply again the following August.

Details of previous winners can be found below:

Sophie Cundale

Romily Alice Walden

Adele Jackson

Carly Seller

Joe Cotgrave

Laurie Ramsell

Woman Up!