CuratorSpace Artist Bursary #12: Alice Karveli

Alice Karveli is an interdisciplinary artist, incorporating painting, drawing, photography, sound, ​sculpture, installation, dance, and costume design into transformative performances. Originally from Athens, she has been based in London since 2014.

Alice's evolving artwork 'Bone Reader, Life-Line Weaver', is a dream-narrative multimedia project, involving performance, film and sonic sculpture. The title refers to the character she embodies invoking the chimera, creature made of animal bones, scavenged from the banks of the Thames.

The performance involves a ritual dance which brings a message from the world of the dead about the future of our species; the consequences of our collective actions and the power of conscious choice. The narrative will evolve experimentally through collaging pieces of writing, spoken word, footage and photographic material.

The project highlights the artist's deep longing for environmental sustainability and an urgent need to revitalise a sense of ritualistic, intuitive life-and-death magic to transform our minds and relationship to the environment. The finished project will be exhibited as an immersive installation, with film distributed over various screens, wall-based photography, and live performance with sonic sculptures.

You can see more of Alice's work on her website.


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