CuratorSpace Artist Bursary #14: Angela Charles/Blackwell

Angela Blackwell is a visual artist and Goldsmiths graduate who was recently registered Severely Sight Impaired (Blind). She has adapted her practice to include the use of brighter colours, bolder mark making and assistive technology to interpret memories of place, everyday life, and lived experiences.

"I am currently developing a body of work called 'Coming Out as a Blind Painter', embracing new colour combinations, some of which I can see, if they are suitably bright, and others that just appear grey. Using larger brushes and more gestural mark making I will continue to use assistive technology to help in the creation and composition of the paintings.

This work follows my Arts Council England supported solo exhibition of paintings, collobarative installations and a short documentary film about coming out as a Blind painter, which ended in November 2021. In this exhibition I produced 11 paintings, embracing my sight loss for the first time instead of trying to cover it up and paint as I always had. This exhibition was liberating and my ambition for this project is to continue to show that 'being a visually impaired artist might even be an upgrade'. (Alistair Gentry 2021)"

You can see more of Angela's work on Instagram.


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