CuratorSpace Artist Bursary #20: Arlo Lawton

Arlo Lawton is a 25-year-old freelance artist and photographer from the North West, now based in Norfolk, England. The basis of their photographic work often lies within LGBTQ+ awareness and environmental activism. Their digital artwork predominantly revolves around transmasculine identities and life experiences.

"In 2018, I began a photographic project entitled '(XY)'. It detailed transmasculine people - in various stages of their transition, amongst their chosen safe spaces. Now approaching the 5th anniversary of this project, I plan to photograph those same subjects again. This project is UK-based and has no limitations when it comes to location. I will travel to my subject’s safe spaces, where I then spend 2 - 4 hours photographing them.

'(XY)' focuses on celebrating the relationship between person and space - the places where they can find refuge from society, reflect on their identity, and unapologetically be themselves. As a longitudinal, archival project, my aim is to continue the rapport with my subjects and create a more well-rounded series."

See more of Arlo's work here

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